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Privacy Policy


Our Clinic respects your confidentiality and privacy.

When you receive health services from our Clinic, we will collect individually identifying health information in accordance with (s 20) of the Health Information Act (HIA). We will collect this health information directly from you, except in the limited circumstances where we are authorized under HIA (s 22(2)) to indirectly collect such information.

Our primary purpose in collecting your health information is to:

• Provide diagnostic, treatment and care services to you
• Determine or verify your eligibility for health services
• Bill your Dental Insurance Provider for our services

Our Clinic will only collect, use and disclose your health information in accordance with the provisions of HIA.

We will also protect your health information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction per the privacy provisions of this legislation.

For more information, please talk to our Clinic Privacy Officer, George Tzoumas

D&D Dental Clinic
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