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A New Way to Think About Oral Health

It used to be the case that many seniors expected that they would eventually be using dentures in their later years, and it was accepted as a near inevitability. Today, our understanding of oral health combined with preventative maintenance by a dentist means that the majority of our elderly populations can expect to have many of their natural teeth for life, and those teeth that are lost or extracted can be replaced by prosthetics in the form of bridges, dentures or dental implants.

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Do I Need to Replace Lost Teeth?

Even if your missing tooth or teeth are not visible when you smile, your dentist will recommend replacing the tooth in order to occupy the gap. When teeth are not replaced, there are a number of concerns that could play-out over time, and replacing the tooth prevents many of them.

When a tooth is lost, the teeth on either side of it are compromised because the natural teeth are not able to offer each other the stability that they enjoyed before the tooth was lost. When all the teeth are present along the dental arches, they can rely on each other for support under the pressure of bite forces, since it is distributed across the arch.  Without this stability, the teeth on either side of the gap can begin to lean, drift and become crooked. As drifting occurs, other teeth can follow suit, leading to more gaps and more poor alignment.

Another factor to consider is the impact of a missing tooth on the opposing arch, which can begin to respond to the lack of bite resistance by moving, and more pressure can be put on the remaining teeth. Since the effectiveness of your bite is likely to change, it can become difficult to eat your favourite foods. Aside from the direct effects to the teeth, not replacing a lost tooth can impact a person’s comfort in social situations and their level of self-confidence. Your smile is meant to be seen, and hiding it is no way to live – we can help.

D&D Dental Clinic Mill Woods Edmonton prides ourselves in offering gentle and compassionate dentistry with the same care and comfort we want for ourselves.
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Whether you visit the Dentist every six month as recommended, or if you haven’t been to the Dentist in years, we want to help you gain and maintain good oral health.

Dental Implants

Dental implants represent the most effective way to replace teeth and keep the jawbone strong and healthy. This is because, while a prosthetic tooth on a dental bridge or denture effectively sit on top of the gums, implants are anchored directly to your jawbone. The false tooth, called a pontic, is attached to the false root once it has healed. Thanks to the discovery that titanium bonds effectively with bone, dentists are now able to anchor implants in the jawbone and virtually eliminate the effects of bone resorption.

Dental implants are an important investment in your health and should be discussed with your dentist in order to ensure that you are a good fit for this procedure.


When more than one tooth is lost, your dentist may ask you to consider full or partial dentures, depending upon your oral health circumstances. Dentures are placed over the gums and held in place with a dental adhesive. They are removable for cleaning and offer an esthetically pleasing appearance. There are several drawbacks relating to dentures, however, including difficulty speaking and eating comfortably, which can take some time to overcome.

There are greater concerns around dentures, however. Your dentist should discuss the likelihood of bone resorption occurring in areas of the jaw where teeth have been removed. Bone resorption begins in the months following the removal or loss of these teeth, due to a lack of demand. In a healthy mouth, every time you chew, you are sending a signal to your jaw bone that you require that area to be strong and well stocked with all the nutrients required in order to maintain that strength. Your teeth are able to communicate with your jaw through the natural tooth root, which drives pressure down into the jawbone as you chew. Without a root to signal the jaw, nutrients begin to be diverted to other areas of the body that needs them, and the jaw begins to change and break down. The impact of bone resorption is a shortening of the profile of the face, and the need for regular adjustments to the dentures to ensure a proper fit. Since the jaw is always changing with bone resorption, it become difficult to maintain a proper fit which can lead to clicking, popping, sliding and even sore spots on the gums.

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D&D Dental Clinic Mill Woods Edmonton prides ourselves in offering gentle and compassionate dentistry with the same care and comfort we want for ourselves.

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Dental bridges are an excellent and cost-effective means of replacing a single lost tooth with a prosthetic. The prosthetic tooth is made with color-matching technology which will blend nicely with your natural teeth. The prosthetic is anchored in place and held by a healthy neighbouring tooth. Brushing and flossing is all that is required to maintain a bridge.

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