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Why Have a Family Dentist?

Family Dentist Edmonton, AB

Are you looking for a family dentist in Edmonton? If not, we’d like to convince you to consider D&D Dental Clinic! Our dentist in southside Edmonton has been referred to as the best dentist in Edmonton. Similarly, our entire team works to represent us as the best dental clinic in the eyes of our patients, whose opinion matters the most.

I Need a Dentist Near Me

If you are looking for a family dentist in Millwoods or a family dentist in south Edmonton, our clinic might be just the right fit for your family.

Philosophy of Our Family Dental Clinic in Edmonton

When you choose our dentist in South Edmonton, you are prioritizing the oral health of your family without compromising the quality of care. All Alberta dentists are trained as generalists, which means that they all have the same baseline training. Your family dentist offers the same services as a traditional dentist would. Cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and dental checkups are all with the scope of a family dentist’s skill set.

So, what makes the difference between a general dentist and a family dentist? The primary difference between these two business models is in their philosophy.  While experiences with general dentists may feel more formal or transactional, at D&D Dental Clinic we prioritize positive rapport and long-term relationships with our patients families. Our philosophy is that when we put in the time to get to know our patients, communication and trust are maximized, leading to a more positive experience for the patient and the dental team.

While a pediatric patient will outgrow their pediatric dental clinic and need to find a new one in early adulthood, this is not the case with family dentists. While pediatric dentists exclusively work with children, a family dentist is interested in caring for patients of all ages. That’s right, a family dentist can offer quality oral health care to patients from cutting their first teeth as babies right through to their golden years.  


D&D Dental Clinic is sensitive to the needs of busy families. We are among dentists in South Edmonton offering flexibility to our patients in terms of appointment times. We know that it doesn’t always work to step away from other responsibilities in order to take a loved one to a dental appointment or to attend one yourself. That’s why we offer extended hours for those whose schedule only permits an earlier or later evening appointment.

For those families who prefer to be seen on the same day, we offer group appointments. Groups will require that families book their appointments with advanced notice. These appointments are excellent for minimizing the disruption that multiple dentist appointments have on the lives of families where checkups and cleanings are concerned. Rather than take each member of the family on separate days, patients can maintain their oral health in one extended session for all. Even if a family member has to return to treat a condition, family units are still saving time with group appointments.

Special Needs

As family dentists, we are experts at helping our patients, young and old, feel safe in our environment. We take steps to make sure that our front desk environment is pleasant and pleasing to the eye. Children and patients with special needs are always welcome to bring in a stuffy, favorite blanket or headphones to their appointment for emotional support. The more we work with our new young patients, the more we begin to understand what accommodations help our patients to remain calm throughout their time in the dental chair. This is recorded and replicated during each visit, if possible.

Sometimes, small children are hesitant about the dentist for their first time, and we allow for this possibility. A tour around the office often piques a child’s interest, but other children need more time to warm up. We offer extended appointments to ensure that our patients never feel rushed.

The lights, noise, and smells of a dental clinic can be off-putting to those with heightened sensitivity. We work with parents and caregivers to understand their child’s comfort needs and to use tricks like brushing the gums with a dry brush prior to seeing your dentist in Edmonton. This stimulates the nerves and reduces overall sensitivity, resulting in a calmer patient and a more efficient appointment. Remember, your dentist and their dental team are a wealth of information where it comes to oral health and patient comfort. Whether you have questions about your own oral health or that of a dependent, your dentist is there to provide education and support.

Dentist in South Edmonton

If you think that D&D Dental Clinic is the right choice for your family, call to book a consultation. We look forward to meeting you and supporting your oral health as an important member of your healthcare team.

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